This is Д Ghost Town,
a condensed И DISPLAY typeface designed by Omiros Panayides and Vassilis Georgiou, released in 2020, with Greek and extended Latin character support


Ghost Town Л is a titling typeface with intense character, consisting of two styles: Ghost Town Thin and Ghost Town Thin Oblique ↓

The typeface О began as an offspring of an ongoing research project that attempts to collect, preserve, organize, study and share the visual story-path of the poetry-literature book covers, in Cyprus within the sphere of visual communication

Ονειροπόληση πάνω στα τείχη της Αμμοχώστου
photo: Silvio Rusmigo

Ghost Town’s source of inspiration, is the lettering on the cover of a 1966 Cypriot book, titled «Ονειροπόληση πάνω στα τείχη της Αμμοχώστου» by poet Theodosis Pierides and was designed by the Greek artist and Illustrator Dimos Skoulakis. The font ⛫ takes its name from the description that was given to Varosha — an abandoned region within the city of Famagusta Cyprus, that stays uninhibited and off limits since the Turkish invasion in Cyprus in 1974. The project was funded by the → Semiotics and Visual Communication Lab of the Cyprus University of Technology.

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